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How to Audit, Improve & Enhance Your BetterCloud Workflows

How to Audit Improve Enhance Your BetterCloud Workflows FeatureImage

We surveyed a variety of BetterCloud product experts to find the answers to these questions. Here’s what they had to say (spoiler: They had very strong convictions on the importance of auditing your BetterCloud workflows and tips for doing so effectively).

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What BetterCloud Can Automate in 2020, Explained in 9 GIFs

What can BC Automate FeatureImage

Even just thinking through all the automation possibilities can overwhelm an experienced IT administrator. Based on our conversations with IT experts across the organization, here are just a few critical business processes that BetterCloud can automate in 2020.

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4 Signs You’re Ready to Automate With a SaaSOps Platform

4signs featureImage

How does an enterprise know when it’s time to automate IT and start using a SaaSOps platform? In this sneak peek of our annual survey’s insights, we’ll explore the four signs that indicate when to automate your SaaS operations.

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SaaSOps Stories With Joseph Fuller, Head of IT at Deputy

SaaSOps Stories with Joseph Fuller Deputy

Our Chief Customer Officer Rachel Orston sat down with Joseph Fuller of Deputy to discuss the pandemic’s impact on his company’s customers and employees. They dove into how Fuller’s team pivoted to support its remote workforce from a technical standpoint, as well as the adjustments he made to his management style over the last few months.

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