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SaaS Spend Management

Illustration of a person sitting on a coin with icons circling around them.

Smart SaaS budgeting: Refine your spend strategy for 2024

Feeling overwhelmed by software subscriptions? Learn how to create a smart SaaS budget and make your tech stack work for you. This guide covers budgeting steps, common mistakes to avoid, and how BetterCloud can simplify the process.

Lauren Pope (Former G2 Content Marketer)
7 min read
Illustration of various IT professionals with spend management concerns.

The IT leader’s mega-guide to SaaS savings

Stop SaaS sprawl from draining your budget! BetterCloud’s guide reveals how to control hidden SaaS costs, optimize your tech stack, and maximize ROI. Download now & conquer SaaS bloat!

2 min read
Illustration of a robot with a magnifying glass looking at gold amongst gears.

The AI tax: What IT pros need to know

Discover how the AI tax is quietly inflating your software bills and learn how to combat it with a robust SaaS management platform (SMP). Stay ahead of unexpected costs and take control of your organization’s software expenses.

Stephanie Solis
2 min read
Illustration of a woman sitting amongst several browser windows

How to prevent “shelfware” and optimize SaaS usage

Many businesses fall into the trap of “shelfware”, where they purchase software, but don’t fully utilize it. This not only wastes money, but hinders productivity.

Stephanie Solis
3 min read
Illustrated robot arm placing coins in a glass jar.

Your guide to make software spend optimization work for your company

Learn how to gain visibility, automate processes, and identify cost-saving opportunities.

Mara Calvello (Content Marketing Manager at G2)
6 min read
Illustration of hand holding a diamond amidst technical icons in the background.

Finding value in your existing tech stack

Maximize efficiency and minimize costs in your tech stack with BetterCloud. In a world where every dollar counts, BetterCloud empowers businesses to optimize usage, reduce spending, and enhance security.

Stephanie Solis
4 min read
Illustration of a person sitting at a computer monitor showing spend and forcasts.

How to manage your SaaS spend in 3 easy steps

Discover how to save money and improve efficiency with SaaS spend management. Learn how to eliminate duplicate programs, understand your SaaS contract, and invest in the right tools.

Lauren Pope (Former G2 Content Marketer)
4 min read
BetterCloud & G2 Track

BetterCloud announces acquisition of G2 Track and strategic partnership with G2

BetterCloud is a leading SaaS Management Platform (SMP) and will now expand its no code workflows to include spend management for IT to optimize and operationalize their tech stack efficiently.

2 min read
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