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Platform Overview

Key technologies that power the BetterCloud SaaS management platform.


Conquer SaaS management with a powerful platform that enables centralized administration of all your SaaS applications.

Scalable architecture that supports ~70 native integrations, provides an extensive API for custom applications, and drives tens of thousands of automated workflows per day.



Gain automation-driven efficiency using the BetterCloud workflow engine to more effectively manage your growing portfolio of SaaS applications.

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No-code automation

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Built-in templates

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Support for 900+ common IT actions


Enhance your visibility across your SaaS portfolio and gain valuable insights with comprehensive reporting and alert capabilities


Roles & permissions

Enhanced your security posture by leveraging granular access controls and implementing least privilege policies

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Centralized app management

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Role-based access controls

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Least privilege access

Platform API

Integrate virtually any SaaS app into the BetterCloud platform and build custom automations across those applications.

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Custom actions

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Custom triggers

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Customized reports & logging