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Why BetterCloud?

Choose the original SMP, not an imitation

Trusted by IT professionals, BetterCloud gives you the power to efficiently track apps and spending, automate permissions and access, and secure your cloud files - all in one easy-to-use platform.

G2 Summer 2024 SaaS Operations Management Leader G2 Summer 2024 Zero Trust Networking Easiest Admin G2 Summer 2024 Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Best Support Mid Market G2 Summer 2024 SaaS Spend Management Most Implementable Enterprise G2 Summer 2024 SaaS Spend Management Best Estimated ROI Enterprise G2 Summer 2024 SaaS Operations Management Highest User Adoption Enterprise G2 Summer 2024 SaaS Spend Management Best Results Enterprise

Most trusted SaaS operations platform

G2 rated BetterCloud a Leader in 30+ of its Summer 2024 grid reports, including SaaS Operations Management, SaaS Spend Management, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), User Provisioning and Governance (UPG), and Cloud File Security, among others.

Thousands have chosen BetterCloud, here’s why:

spend management icon

Depth of automation paired with spend management for a holistic solution
BetterCloud goes beyond basic automation by fully automating the entire user lifecycle (we don’t forget mid-lifecycle changes) and security policies. Plus it tracks usage and delivers benchmarking metrics, empowering you to optimize saas spend with no limitations, no extra plugins - just pure automation magic to supercharge your IT team.

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The “OG’s” of SaaS management
We’ve been in the SaaS management game a long time, offering the stability and expertise you deserve.

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Superior Google management
For Google Workspace users, BetterCloud offers unparalleled visibility and control. You'll gain deep insights into user activity, identify risky configurations, and enforce security policies – all from a single, intuitive console.

file security

Enhanced security capabilities
BetterCloud prevents data loss (DLP) and safeguards against the sharing of sensitive company data with automated IT controls over your organization’s cloud files.


Always innovating with unmatched customer support
At BetterCloud, we prioritize understanding and listening to the needs and challenges of our customers. This constant feedback loop fuels our product roadmap, ensuring our solutions directly help your IT team’s pain points.

See what our customers have to say

BetterCloud helps IT teams work smarter, not harder.

BetterCloud’s SaaS management platform is a win-win for both IT and end-users. 93% of customers report increased productivity across the entire company.

Faster access to the tools and resources they need translates to increased productivity for employees company-wide. BetterCloud creates a win-win for both IT and end-users.

IT can take the lead by streamlining and automating processes for both themselves and end-users, making everyone more efficient.

*Source: BetterCloud's SaaS Management Impact Report

Day 1 readiness for new employees


Employee time savings from automated help desk ticket resolutions


Visibility and management of SaaS


Overall IT productivity



70+ integrations provided out-of-the-box

Get control over your apps, data, and users roles to ensure that all your compliance and security standards are being met.

Driving business outcomes with BetterCloud

See how thousands of IT teams are using our SMP solution to increase efficiency, enhance visibility and reduce security risk within your SaaS environment.

With a strong commitment to automation, FIRST learned how to harness the full potential of Bettercloud and within a few weeks build out the necessary workflows to address recurring pain points within the business.

When Elliot Grossman started at BARK as the Director of IT, he was the only member of the IT team. Being the sole person responsible for all IT tasks, like onboarding, offboarding, and mid-lifecycle changes, was very time consuming.

When Steve Foley, Senior IT Automation Engineer at Seismic, joined the company, the IT function was a team of eight. The small but mighty IT team completed the myriad of tasks they were responsible for manually.