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Welcome to
BetterCloud Flight School!

BetterCloud is excited to offer a comprehensive training program, BetterCloud Flight School! Get on board today to up-level your SaaSOps skills!

Take your skills to new heights!

Earn your way towards becoming a confident, proficient BetterCloud Admin, in whichever way works best for you - with a co-pilot/live instructor or on your own.

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Fly with an Instructor

Learn live with a co-pilot.

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Fly at your Own Pace

Learn anytime for free.

Earn Your Stripes

Earn certifications and badges to add to your resume and social media profiles.

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Additonal Resources

BetterCloud Training and Enablement Library

Get targeted training on specific features with the Training and Enablement library's in-depth articles and demo videos.

Study Guide

Get a breakdown of the Certification Exam and what you’ll need to know to pass with this study guide.

Examity User Guide

Learn how to register to become a BetterCloud Certified Administrator, and what's required of you during your proctored exam.