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Spend Management

The foundation of your budget-friendly SaaS stack

More than just a spreadsheet. Take real action on SaaS costs with vendor intelligence and the most sophisticated no-code workflow builder for IT. Simplify renewals, manage licenses, and eliminate shadow IT.

Three colleagues looking at computer monitors while discussing spend management

Companies can save as much as $3.3M by eliminating software waste*.

*Source: G2 Track

One tool for managing all SaaS apps and costs

Syncing data from different systems

Sync data from accounting, financial, and SSO systems.

Streamline info into one platform

Streamline software & vendor info in one platform.

Rightsize saas sprawl and spend

Rightsize your SaaS sprawl and control costs.

Selecting correct tools for the job

Help your team pick the right software to do their jobs, improve the bottom line, and hit objectives.

Simplify growing tech stack

Simplify the management of a complex and growing yet disconnected tech stack.

Spend management features

Too many systems. Too many license requests. Too many tools. Simplify that today.

  • Manage software licenses and renewals
  • Analyze your SaaS spending with ease
  • Identify unmanaged expenses in one go
Screenshot of BetterCloud track showing how to simplify software spend

Trusted and loved by IT: BetterCloud is the highest rated and only all-in-one SaaS Management Platform on G2

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