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Diversity & inclusion

BetterCloud's Diversity Council has a mission to foster a culture at BetterCloud that empowers, celebrates, and values our differences in order to grow community, safety, and trust in our work environment.

Letter from Manuel Martinez-Herrera

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging are not just buzzwords that we throw around. DEI&B is core to who we are and what we do. We know you may hear that from other companies but here we talk the talk and walk the walk. From an employee-led Diversity Council empowering our differences, to several ERGs creating a strong sense of belonging, to frequent outside speakers focusing on DEI&B topics, our commitment is not negotiable. 

Manuel Martinez-Herrera

General Counsel & Executive Sponsor of D&I

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BetterCloud ERGs

Chocolate Rain

Chocolate Rain (CR) is BetterCloud’s first Employee Resource Group (ERG) open to all BetterCloud employees who identify as Black or of African descent. What started as a community Slack channel has evolved into an Executive supported Employee Resource Group. The CR ERG is focused on creating a welcoming environment to help Black employees in BetterCloud feel supported, mentor & cultivate Black employees for development opportunities & leadership positions, as well as, attract & empower Black lives in BetterCloud and in the technology field as a whole.

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Rainbow Mafia

BetterCloud’s Rainbow Mafia is an internal community and home for all individuals who identify under the LGBTQA+ umbrella. We offer a safe, inclusive space for employees to bring their full selves to the table and engage in a variety of activities from fundraising, internal events, and more. Our mission is to bring greater visibility of the Queer Community to all who engage with us, and interact with our fellow BetterClouders in the spirit of allyship and education.


We are excited to formally announce the 3rd ERG at BetterCloud: CurryCloud! We aim to represent the South Asian community at BetterCloud and our main goals are to bring transparency and structure to the immigration policies, create a welcoming environment for new employees of South Asian descent, provide mentorship within CurryCloud and share cultural awareness around some of our oldest and most celebrated traditions.


Our work, specifically around immigration, will not be limited to CurryCloud members and instead serve as comprehensive resources for all BetterClouders. We look forward to contributing to the BetterCloud community in a positive and enlightening way.

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Women of BetterCloud

Women of BetterCloud is an ERG that welcomes all individuals who identify as women. Our mission is to cultivate an inclusive environment that supports and encourages and empowers women to advance their skills and leadership potential through connection, mentorship, collaboration, and discussion. We partner with members of the entire BetterCloud community to participate in community initiatives and celebrate the accomplishments of women. We look forward to uplifting the women in our company while cementing BetterCloud as an industry leader.


Juice is the Jewish community at BetterCloud for anyone who is Jewish by way of religion or culture. Our goal is to establish an inclusive community for all Jewish BetterClouders as well as for their family and loved ones. Our group is casual, yet defined through our celebration of Jewish holidays, discussions around Jewish topics, and through a general sense of belonging by being with those of similar backgrounds. We look forward to joining and partnering with the other ERGs at BetterCloud!

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BetterCloud’s slow, steady & ongoing D&I journey


Over the years, I've been regularly sharing my thoughts, observations and lessons learned as a founder and CEO of a SaaS company. One of the topics that comes up a lot in my conversations with other leaders and with my team is Diversity and Inclusion...