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Browse our library of resources meant to offer best practices on making the most of your cloud platform.

Third-Party Applications in Google Apps: How to Evaluate & Mitigate Risks

ebook thumbnail Third-Party Applications in Google Apps: How to Evaluate & Mitigate RisksWhile third-party applications have the ability to bring amazing features and tools to your organization, they can present critical security risks when integrated with your data. This comprehensive guide takes a look at how to evaluate applications, surface potential risks and correct any violations before data is compromised.

Must-Reads for the Google Apps Ecosystem

ebook thumbnail google apps must readsMoving to Google Apps can change the way your entire organization operates, whether you’re a large enterprise or a small school district. Unfortunately, once the decision to go Google has been made, many IT pros find a dearth of information & resources. Find the materials you need in this all-in-one eBook.

Optimizing for Long-Term Success in Google Apps

While you’ve likely already gone Google, it’s important to keep in mind that once you’ve completed the migration – in other words “flipped the switch” – the work is not over. This free white paper will demonstrate through three detailed phases how to best optimize your domain for long term success on the Google Apps platform.

Best Practices for User Onboarding and Deprovisioning in Google Apps

As an IT professional, you know how crucial user onboarding and deprovisioning processes are. You need to outline processes that include input from a number of stakeholders, then follow those processes to a T to ensure that new employees have what they need, and departing employees don’t leave with any sensitive company information.

Best Practices for Managing Google Apps

Uncovering the full potential of BetterCloud can be challenging. This guide provides specific recommendations for leveraging BetterCloud for Google Apps to increase business intelligence and better manage and secure your domain.

White Papers

Find our security overview and other reports to stay plugged in to the cloud IT ecosystem.

Security and Regulatory Compliance Overview

This security white paper gives IT administrators an in-depth look at the security measures taken by BetterCloud to protect customer data as well as the specific access points required by the product.

Report: 2014 State of the Google Apps Ecosystem

Growing adoption of and satisfaction with Google Apps is placing the messaging and collaboration suite at the center of corporate IT. The 2014 State of the Google Apps Ecosystem report includes responses from 1,158 Google Apps administrators and end-users surveyed between December 2013 and January 2014 and reveals that Google Apps users are..

1st Annual Benchmark Report for Google Apps (Cloud Alliance for Google Apps)

This survey from the Cloud Alliance for Google Apps reached over 50,000 Google Apps customers to understand how they are using Google Apps, their satisfaction with the product, and their use of Google Apps Marketplace applications.



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