What's Inside

  • A three-part strategy for adapting to the changing needs of SaaS

  • The new roles, skills, and tools you need to enable IT operations and end users alike

  • How IT leaders can use their SaaS expertise to create new value and gain competitive advantage

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Certification Updates

Becoming a certified administrator will validate your skills and experience on the BetterCloud platform and enable you to promote your unique status as a SaaSOps leader to your network and colleagues. Candidates will be able to prepare for their live proctored certification exam by following the study guide which will be published at the launch. If you would like to be contacted with more information at the launch and be invited to become a BetterCloud Certified Administrator, please register your interest and we will be in touch soon!

  • Industry best practices for onboarding and offboarding (and everything in between)

  • 25 ways you can start proactively 
    securing SaaS data today

  • 16 valuable career skills to find or grow on your IT team

  • 9 crucial topics for end user training

  • 10 essential components to SaaS 
    management and security

BetterCloud is the leading SaaSOps platform that enables IT professionals to discover, manage and secure the growing stack of SaaS applications in the digital workplace. With an expanding ecosystem of SaaS integrations, thousands of forward thinking organizations like Zoom, Walmart, and Square now rely on BetterCloud to automate processes and policies across their cloud application portfolio.

We are excited to announce the BetterCloud Certified Administrator program will be available in late 2020.