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Get BetterCloud certified

Complete our formal certification program to stand out amongst your peers and recognize your extensive knowledge and experience using our market-leading SMP solution.

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Schedule an exam 

Ready to prove your BetterCloud knowledge? Register now to take your certification exam.

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Study guide

Get a breakdown of the Certification Exam and what you’ll need to know to pass with this study guide.

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Take a practice exam

Sign up to take a practice exam to see if you are ready for the real thing.

Renewing your certification

Did you know your BetterCloud Administrator Certification is good for 2 years? If it's been close to (or more than) 2 years, it's time to renew your certification! Our renewal exam is unproctored, open book, and just 20 questions.

Why become certified?

Build your knowledge

Going through the Certification process will expand your understanding of BetterCloud best practices and set you up for long-term success.

Gain a competitive edge

Prove your skills within the IT industry by certifying your SaaSOps knowledge. Plus, we hear the credentials strengthen any LinkedIn profile!

Accelerate your IT career

Crush your career goals by building up your certification library so you are ready and qualified for your next IT opportunity.

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BetterCloud Certification Exam Prep

Looking to start preparing for your BetterCloud Certified Administrator Exam? Join us over at BetterCloud Flight School! Take our 33 minute self-paced course, grab a voucher to take the exam at no cost, and set up your exam whenever you're ready. We'd love for you to attend!

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Exam prep resources

Flight school

Earn your way towards becoming a confident, proficient BetterCloud Admin, in whichever way works best for you - with a co-pilot/live instructor or on your own.

Study guide

Get a breakdown of the Certification Exam and what you’ll need to know to pass with this study guide.

Examity user guide

Learn how to register to become a BetterCloud Certified Administrator, and what's required of you during your proctored exam.


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