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BetterCloud announces acquisition of G2 Track and strategic partnership with G2


March 12, 2024

2 minute read

BetterCloud & G2 Track

Today we’re excited to announce the acquisition of G2 Track from G2, a leading spend management platform!

Spend and budgeting is top of mind for every IT team. It is more common now than it was in previous years for IT to roll up to the CFO.  In fact, more than half of IT professionals say that the attention SaaS purchases and spending have received in their organization is increasing compared to last year. 

52% of IT professionals surveyed said there’s more scrutiny in SaaS purchasing than before”
State of SaaS 2024 (To be released soon)

Savings today is not just about reducing the number of applications. IT is called on by Finance and business leaders to find and remove redundant apps, reclaim unused licenses, and find more efficiencies within an organization’s tech stack. To further complicate their new charter for optimizing SaaS expenses, many IT teams are reporting vendors presenting them with an “AI Tax” at the time of renewal. New AI capabilities are adding to SaaS costs, and also blurring the line between what is a “user” and what a single seat will be for a software license moving forward.

As the processes for managing SaaS evolve, the platforms used by IT teams also need to. To support this evolution and to make meaningful progress in our mission of elevating the role of IT, we have acquired the spend management platform G2 Track and announced a strategic partnership with G2.

This acquisition and partnership will give BetterCloud customers visibility into their SaaS stack and automate tedious processes to save time and money, as well as give them the data to begin to act as the honest broker between Finance and business leaders.

The new capabilities in BetterCloud as a result of this acquisition set the stage for IT to take a leading role as more and more organizations emphasize efficient growth.

Efficient spend management

Say goodbye to manual processes and inefficiencies. Automate your spend management workflow, from software requests to contracts to renewals. Our platform will make it easy for your team to collaborate and make informed spending decisions.

Transparent spending

Gain full visibility into where spend is going. View detailed insights and analytics, so you can track every dollar spent and identify opportunities to optimize.

Cost savings

Reduce unnecessary spending and become a master negotiator with insights from our new spend management platform.

We can’t wait to empower every IT organization with the tools to streamline their SaaS management and operationalize efficient SaaS spending.

To learn more about how BetterCloud can help your spend management needs, schedule a demo here!

Read the full press release here.