Meet BetterCloud’s New Chief Technology Officer, Andra Milender

Our new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Andra Milender defected from a medical career track before finding her footing on a technology path. Andra is excited to leave her public company comfort zone and bring her talent to the BetterCloud team. She’s looking forward to helping BetterCloud scale and become one of the most reliable solutions that customers use. Andra hopes to build a culture within her team where everyone has a voice and is comfortable using it. We’re excited to have Andra on board and for all the positive change that she’s bringing with her.

4 Insider Threats That Should Keep You Up at Night

As the world shifts to SaaS, IT teams are still learning how to fully secure their SaaS apps—in many cases they’re still discovering where threats lie within these new environments. BetterCloud’s CISO Carlos Batista and Principal Solutions Engineer Mohammed Khalid hosted a webinar to discuss four of the most common, and most insidious, insider threats that you should be on the lookout for in your cloud environment. Here’s a recap.