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Illustration of a lock on a green and blue swirl background, representing security.

State of SaaSOps 2024: Securing data in SaaS top IT challenge

SaaS security woes plague IT. Learn how to manage data security in the cloud & fortify your SaaS stack against modern threats. Download the 2024 State of SaaSOps report.

3 min read
State of SaaSOps 2024

The 2024 State of SaaSOps report

Dive into the State of SaaSOps 2024! Explore trends, challenges & opportunities in SaaS adoption, security & automation.

3 min read
Illustration of various icons and screens

Why work late on Friday? Schedule your offboarding workflows!

Stop the Friday night IT scramble! Schedule automated offboarding workflows and save time.

Brian Correia
3 min read
G2 Leader Summer 2024

BetterCloud recognized by G2 as the only leader across the 5 key SaaS management categories

BetterCloud dominates G2 Summer 2024 Grid Reports! Leader in all 5 key SaaS management categories and empowers IT teams to succeed.

3 min read
Illustration of a pie chart and bar graph with gradient overlay

State of SaaSOps 2024: Consolidation is the new IT mantra

Struggling IT departments? Stalled SaaS growth is a sign to consolidate & optimize your tech stack. Cut costs, boost security and free up your team.

Stephanie Solis
5 min read
Illustration of a HR professional with many tasks to do.

Making chaotic onboarding a breeze with complex workflows

Ditch onboarding chaos! Automate with BetterCloud’s branching workflows. Streamline for role, department, and location to reduce workload and simplify updates.

3 min read
Illustration of a piggy bank with squiggly "thought" lines linking to several business CFOs

6 Ways CFOs can control SaaS spend today

Discover how CFOs are using SaaS spend management software to gain control of software expenses. IT teams and CFOs can work together to eliminate Shadow IT, reduce software overlap, and leverage employee sentiment to make smarter cost-cutting decisions.

Stephanie Solis
6 min read
Illustration of a person running from a google workspace logo

5 Google Workspace admin nightmares (and how BetterCloud makes them disappear)

Conquer common Google Workspace admin nightmares with BetterCloud! Automate tasks, manage users, and secure data all in one centralized platform.

Stephanie Solis
4 min read
Illustration showing an exchange of a contract for dollar bills.

Vendor negotiation strategies: Renew contracts like a pro

Negotiating vendor contracts doesn’t have to be a fight. This guide will show you how to collaborate with vendors to reach win-win agreements, along with common mistakes to avoid and how to use BetterCloud to strengthen your negotiation strategy.

Mara Calvello (Content Marketing Manager at G2)
7 min read
Blue background with various top app logos

Top SaaS applications from IT and automation leaders in 2024

Unveiling the tech stack all-stars from BetterCloud’s State of SaaS Report! Explore the most-valued applications by IT leaders, including Adobe Creative Cloud, Asana, Atlassian, AWS, and more. Discover how BetterCloud can optimize your tech stack!

2 min read