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How automation eliminates up to 78% of SaaS management work

It’s no longer a question of if effective SaaS management makes a business-wide impact, but how. Using customer data, we set out to measure the efficiencies, ROI, and impacts of SaaS management. Browse the key takeaways, then explore all the findings in the full impact report.

Effective SaaS management eliminates thousands of hours of manual IT work

By automating routine tasks with a SaaS management platform like BetterCloud, the total average IT time savings is about 1,700 hours per year for user lifecycle management alone.

Automated onboarding reduces onboarding time by 78%, saving an hour and 40 minutes per user, which equals an average of 48 hours per month or 576 hours per year

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Automated offboarding reduces offboarding time by 88%, saving 2.5 hours per user, which equals an average of 95 hours per month or 1,140 hours per year

Quick time to value: ROI in less than a month

Ease of use. Quick implementation. No-code workflow creation simplicity. All of these factors help customers accelerate time to value and achieve fast ROI with BetterCloud.

Nearly 90% get BetterCloud running in less than 6 weeks, with 24% deploying it in less than a week.

More than half 53% get value from BetterCloud almost right away in less than a month.

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Accelerating productivity to drive business growth for the organization

SaaS management platforms are a force multiplier, boosting organizational productivity and enabling IT teams to amplify their efforts through automation.

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improved productivity for Day 1 readiness for new employees
say BetterCloud improves IT productivity
say BetterCloud improves IT’s ability to scale

Download our full SaaS management impact report to learn:

  • How SaaS management platforms impact security and compliance
  • How much productivity improvement an organization can expect from a SaaS management platform
  • The strategic projects your peers are working on now by automating more