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The IT leader’s mega-guide to SaaS savings


April 18, 2024

2 minute read

Illustration of various IT professionals with spend management concerns.

Is your tech stack becoming a monster you can’t quite control? You’re not alone. Many organizations struggle with a hidden cost culprit: unmanaged Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) spend.

Subscription fees pile up like a forgotten gym membership, quietly eroding your budget. Worse yet, a lack of control over these expenses can lead to security vulnerabilities and compliance headaches.

It’s time to take charge.  We’ve developed “The IT leader’s mega-guide to saving on SaaS” to equip IT leaders with the knowledge to optimize their SaaS stack and maximize ROI.

The power of visibility

At best, flying blind leads to another redundant app and waste of money. At worst, a new app downloaded by an employee can unintentionally introduce a new and costly security threat or compliance violation. 

Within only minutes, an employee can add a new app with:

  • Security Vulnerabilities
  • Improper security technologies or processes
  • Security policy violations
  • Inappropriate data read/write permissions
  • Ability to collect and store sensitive data
  • Integration with another app that stores sensitive data

…Any of these can lead to security incidents and breaches, costing your organization fines, legal fees, customers, your reputation and revenues.

The rise of spend management software

Just like your single sign-on tool is crucial for running IT, so is a SaaS spend management platform. Every organization needs a SaaS system of record. 

Since a SaaS spend management tool is a SaaS system of record, or a single source of truth for the organization’s software resources, it delivers savings and operational efficiencies. Within a single pane of glass, you view your organization’s entire SaaS catalog – of all apps currently or formerly available to users.

Balancing budgets with employee experience

Employee sentiment removes the mystery and debate around which apps to make the standard. Armed with both usage and employee sentiment information, organizations take quicker action on SaaS app consolidation – saving time and money.

80% aspire to work with cutting-edge technology. 91% say technology would influence job choice among similar employment offers.

Download the complete guide

This guide serves as your roadmap to navigating the complex world of SaaS spend management, helping you uncover hidden costs, optimize your tech stack, and ultimately save you money.

Key takeaways

Lack of visibility into the SaaS environment can lead to financial, security, and compliance risks.

Balancing SaaS budgets with employee experience is crucial.

SaaS spend management tools help identify savings opportunities by consolidating accounts, detecting unused licenses, uncovering overlapping apps, and using employee surveys for feedback.

To learn more about how BetterCloud can help you manage every app, every user, and every dollar, request a demo.