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Reducing the Risk of SaaS Sprawl with the Power of Automation

Our 30-minute on-demand workshop explores the risks posed by SaaS sprawl, and shows you how to proactively identify and manage them with BetterCloud.

2 min read
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How Industry-Leading Brands Secure User Interactions in SaaS Apps

This year at Oktane, we hosted a customer panel where we shone a light on a few of our phenomenal customers: Bird, Juul Labs, Peloton, and Spotify. They discussed how they use BetterCloud to save their organizations time and money (and their own sanity).

6 min read
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Asked by Our Community, Answered by an Expert: 10 Questions About the Future of Work and How It Will Affect IT

In our third-ever AMA, best-selling author and futurist Jacob Morgan answered 10 questions from our BetterIT community members. The BetterIT community is now made up of more than 600 forward-thinking IT professionals.

Christina Wang
6 min read
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How to Manage and Encourage Highly Converged Teams

Highly converged teams. Heard of them? They’re the new normal, but they’re a prime breeding ground for shadow IT. Here’s a new model for working with shadow IT, not against it. IT can maintain visibility and control of new apps, and teams can work in the ways they want and need to.

5 min read
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Why IT & HR Should Fix Their Marriage of Inconvenience

HR and IT are partners in waiting, but they need a little marriage guidance. If there isn’t a close partnership, the potential costs can be perilous.

5 min read
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3 Tips to Streamline IT Project Management

IT requires heavily specialized skills and knowledge, making IT project management feel like its own beast entirely. And because IT is the foundation of almost every organization, project management in the IT field can be exceptionally intimidating.

4 min read