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Product Tip Tuesday: Level Up Your Onboarding Workflow with These New Salesforce Actions

Harit Patel, BetterCloud

January 28, 2020

< 1 minute read

SalesforceAddSubUser PTT FeaturedImage

Last week, BetterCloud released 19 new Salesforce actions to help you automate the tasks that Salesforce administrators are concerned about. For a full list of actions, see our release note.

One of the actions that our customers are most excited about is the “Create User” action. With this addition, you’ll be able to implement an effective onboarding workflow to streamline user management in Salesforce. We understand sales organizations are complex and ever-changing, so it’s important to be able to quickly and effectively manage lifecycle changes. BetterCloud provides you with the ability to manage that complexity.

You probably already have an onboarding workflow in place for when new employees start at your organization. If you’re responsible for onboarding new members into the sales organization, here are actions that you should consider adding to your onboarding workflow:

With BetterCloud’s new actions, you can create a user in Salesforce, create and edit a permission set, set user’s profile, add them to a group, and enable two factor auth in addition to the onboarding workflow you have in place.

These actions will reduce the time that IT admins spend onboarding users to Salesforce. If you have questions about how to implement these actions in your environment, please contact your CSM or BetterCloud support.