Product Tip Tuesday: Automatically Expire Public Links in Dropbox by Using BetterCloud Workflows

SaaS apps are known for making the workplace more collaborative; file sharing is one of the SaaS features that makes this seamless collaboration, both internally and externally, possible. But what happens when you share a link with a person that you don’t want to have indefinite access to the information? BetterCloud gives you the ability to build a backstop to this problem using a simple workflow.

Product Tip Tuesday: Discover Who Your Files Are Shared With

For most people, sharing business documents with a personal email address is done for the sake of convenience, without thinking twice. However, this practice is a headache for IT and security teams who need to know where all their company’s data is and who has access to it. BetterCloud gives you visibility into what G Suite, Dropbox, and Box files are shared with personal emails and allows you to put an end to it. Let our Product Tip show you how.

5 Ways to Spice Up Your Workflows with Wait for Approval

While BetterCloud has been many IT admins’ go-to solution for automating onboarding and offboarding, what happens when a process-as-written requires some input from an end user, a manager, HR, or another internal stakeholder? With BetterCloud’s Wait for Approval action, you can now request approval or rejection from a user within your directory to run the remainder of your workflow.