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Product Tip Tuesday: Using BetterCloud’s Enhanced Organizational Unit Trigger


August 30, 2022

< 1 minute read

ptt082922 OU

When building automated workflows in BetterCloud, Organizational Unit (OU) is an important condition. This is often used in situations like an employee joining a department or moving from one department to the other. In some organizations, the parent unit paths of their “organizational units” (or departments and sub-departments) can be quite complex, requiring IT team members to see the whole organization unit path, and not just the parent OU, like this example below:

  • Employees: /Users/Employees/Cost Center Hierarchy/Dept OU
  • Contractors: /Users/Contractors/Cost Center Hierarchy/Dept OU

Instead of just seeing the final piece “Dept OU” which would be identical in this case, IT professionals can see the whole organizational unit path, making workflow building not only faster but more accurate. This new feature is available in the workflow builder and allows BetterCloud customers to streamline zero-touch user lifecycle management process with an easy no-code workflow approach.

This small but handy new feature offers infinite visibility into your most complex workflow hierarchies. Want to see how BetterCloud can help you automate even more of your user lifecycle management processes? Schedule a demo.