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Product Tip Tuesday: BambooHR Integration


June 27, 2023

< 1 minute read

PTT BambooHR

For many companies, a Human Resources Information System (HRIS) serves as the central hub for user lifecycle management (ULM) events, encompassing processes that cover new hires, promotions, temporary leaves, and exits. With BetterCloud’s native integration with BambooHR, you can directly connect with the source of truth to maximize IT and HR efficiency.

Managing the User Lifecycle

Your onboarding, mid-lifecycle, and offboarding workflows can now be triggered seamlessly and precisely with up-to-date and accurate data from BambooHR. This integration eliminates manual data entry and repetitive administrative tasks while ensuring the timeliness of critical processes, freeing up valuable time and resources for IT teams.

Wherever an employee is in the user lifecycle, BetterCloud’s BambooHR integration empowers you to automate processes while ensuring employee productivity remains intact and proper access is in place to reduce the risk of data exposure.

Gaining a Centralized View of Employees

With the User 360/Profile view, you have a comprehensive overview of your organization’s workforce, including newly onboarded employees. The User 360/Profile view displays essential user profile metadata, such as first name, last name, work email, department, status, job title, and manager.

Visit our Help Center or view our demo for more details on how to utilize the BambooHR integration. Log in today to get started.