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Product Tip: Add New Miro Actions to Your BetterCloud User Lifecycle Management Workflows


January 10, 2023

2 minute read


Earlier this month, BetterCloud updated our integration with Miro to provide a customized experience based on the Miro license you’re using. If you have a Miro Enterprise license, you can now install our new Miro Enterprise integration

This new integration gives you access to new workflow actions related to your “Team” in Miro and all of your Miro Boards. This allows you to automate changes to teams, admin access within a team, removal of board access, board ownership, board roles, and more.

(Note: the new Miro Enterprise integration requires a company admin role in order to complete the OAuth requirements for the integration.)

This integration can help automate tedious but necessary user lifecycle management tasks with BetterCloud workflows. This means you can easily add steps to your onboarding workflow to automatically provision a new Miro license, and add users to existing boards based on their department. 

To keep proprietary data Miro safe, you can also quickly add steps to your employee offboarding workflow. In just minutes, your offboarding workflow can:

  • Remove access to Miro boards
  • Transfer Miro board ownership to managers for business continuity
  • Delete their Miro account to reclaim the license and save cost

Actions in Miro can be automated for employees that have moved departments or changed roles. You can automatically remove or grant access to existing Miro boards, change their team, and more, all within the BetterCloud platform. 

BetterCloud’s standard Miro integration is available for all Miro users with Free, Starter, or Business licenses and gives you access to workflow actions related to your Miro boards. These workflow actions allow you to automate board access changes, board ownership changes, and much more.

Regardless of which Miro integration you use, integrating Miro and BetterCloud will enable IT teams to automate repetitive tasks related to changes in your Miro environment. Your team gets valuable time back to solve larger business challenges, and changes happen faster, keeping teams productive.

For information on how to update your Miro integration or to install our new Miro Enterprise integration visit this article in our Support Knowledgebase or reach out to your BetterCloud account team today.