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How Gainsight Eliminated 1,300 Hours of ULM Work in One Year with BetterCloud

Learn how Gainsight eliminated 1,300 hours of user lifecycle management work with BetterCloud’s automated workflows.

Niki Germano
2 min read

How a Leading Genomics Company Balances Employee Experience & Compliance with BetterCloud

Learn how the IT team at a leading genomics company balances fast growth, employee experience, and compliance with BetterCloud.

Natalie Robb
4 min read

How NISC Uses BetterCloud in its Digital Transformation into a SaaS-Forward Environment

Learn how NISC is using BetterCloud to modernize legacy processes, automate ULM, and empower digital transformation

Natalie Robb
4 min read

SaaSOps Stories With Lauren Tibbs, Global IT Director at KeepTruckin

Rachel Orston, chief customer officer here at BetterCloud, sat down with Lauren Tibbs to chat about her career in management and how her team enabled KeepTruckin to make the sudden shift from an office-first to remote work environment when the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

BetterCloud Monitor
6 min read

SaaSOps Stories With Craig Holland, SVP of Global Infrastructure at Condé Nast

Our Chief Customer Officer Rachel Orston sat down with Craig Holland, SVP of global infrastructure at Condé Nast, to discuss the unique challenges he’s faced over the last few months, as well as the lessons he’s learned from his colleagues along the way.

BetterCloud Monitor
7 min read

SaaSOps Stories With Joseph Fuller, Head of IT at Deputy

Our Chief Customer Officer Rachel Orston sat down with Joseph Fuller of Deputy to discuss the pandemic’s impact on his company’s customers and employees. They dove into how Fuller’s team pivoted to support its remote workforce from a technical standpoint, as well as the adjustments he made to his management style over the last few months.

BetterCloud Monitor
7 min read

The Secret to How Our Most Successful Customers Automate SaaSOps

What do our most successful customers have in common? What kind of value are they getting from automating SaaSOps, and how are they getting value? Here’s the secret to how they do it.

David Politis
8 min read

The IT Handbook to Choosing the Right SaaS App

Choosing a new SaaS tool means combing through lists of dozens (dozens!) of similar apps, and it can be hard to tell which is the right one for the job. As an IT admin there’s a lot more to consider than just “Does this get the job done?” when evaluating a new or replacement SaaS tool. Today’s IT organizations have to deal with an incredible number of applications to administer and secure, on top of our more traditional tasks. And yet, IT admins are still very much needed to help evaluate SaaS applications before purchase. So how do we do this? And more importantly, how do we make this a sustainable, scalable process?

Rose Layton
7 min read

Announcing the SaaSOps Stars of 2019

As part of its support for the growing SaaSOps movement, BetterCloud last week hosted the SaaSOps Stars Awards, the first awards ceremony to recognize outstanding SaaSOps practitioners. Winners included ten individuals and teams who, through their SaaSOps practice, helped their companies scale, increased productivity, decreased friction, strengthened security, achieved greater compliance, protected users and data, or otherwise took initiative and significantly improved the lives of users.

Elise Cox
6 min read

The Top IT Habits of Successful Unicorns (Panel Recap)

BetterCloud founder and CEO David Politis recently hosted an online panel discussion with IT leaders from three unicorn companies: Vicky Couturier, IT systems director at InVision; Anthony Ancheta, IT manager at Lime; and Matt Kauffman, IT help desk manager at Toast. The panelists shared their IT philosophies, how they solve their biggest IT challenges, and their top habits for scaling IT operations.

Peter Fretty
5 min read