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WorkdayIntegrationAnnouncement update

Product Tip Tuesday: Meet the Enhanced Workday Integration

Today, we are excited to share the new triggers and conditions now available with the Workday integration. Here’s a quick rundown.

2 min read

Announcing BetterCloud’s New Integration With Workday

We’re excited to announce a new integration with Workday, the market leader for cloud human capital management (HCM).

3 min read
MultiplierIntegrationAnnouncement 1

Optimize Your Employee Experience With BetterCloud and Multiplier

We are excited to announce our new platform integration with Multiplier. Learn how this integration can help optimize the employee experience.

2 min read
AsanaPartnership FeatureImage

Asana + BetterCloud: Enhance Your Asana User Experience & Get Instant Productivity

BetterCloud is honored to be included as an SMP ecosystem partner as part of Asana’s enterprise launch event. Our partnership with Asana enables IT to integrate Asana admin tasks and actions into automated ULM workflows.

Shreyas Sadalgi
3 min read
VMWarePartnership FeatureImage

The Future of Hybrid Work: A New Strategic Partnership with VMware

We’re thrilled to announce today that BetterCloud and VMware have formed a strategic partnership to reimagine the digital workplace by unifying Employee Experience, Security and Automation to empower today’s anywhere workforce.

Shreyas Sadalgi
7 min read
Jamf onelogin BC FeatureImage 2

Trusted Solution Partnerships to Power Your Work Anywhere Strategy

The IT lessons learned from this moment will forever change the way companies think about the tools that enable a remote workforce. The “new normal” is a place where optimized IT processes thrive and legacy on-premises solutions fade away. Jamf, OneLogin, and BetterCloud are enabling IT Administrators to create repeatable processes for deployments that support best practices for security and end-user experience.

Emily Cataldo, Sam Weiss (Jamf), Chelsea Wadsworth (OneLogin)
3 min read
onelogin bettercloud featureimage 2

BetterCloud + OneLogin's New Integration: Why Our Customers Say It's "Everything I've Been Waiting For"

This past September, when we announced the OneLogin integration in BetterCloud’s Integration Center, it marked the launch of our partnership with OneLogin. The week of the announcement was serendipitous for both BetterCloud and OneLogin. We’re ecstatic to announce today that we are delivering on those requests by releasing enhanced integration capabilities designed to meet the growing needs of our customers.

Emily Cataldo
4 min read

SaaSOps: A Practice to Discover, Manage & Secure Your SaaS Apps (Oktane20 Live Session Recap)

BetterCloud Founder and CEO David Politis presented a breakout session during Oktane20 Live, Okta’s virtual identity conference. The session, “SaaSOps: A Practice to Discover, Manage & Secure Your SaaS Apps,” which was presented on April 2, focused on the evolution of SaaSOps and the main pillars of the practice, and included a customer panel. If you missed it, here’s a recap.

Megan Bozman
6 min read
aodocsbcpartnership ftr

Automate Security & Compliance for Google Drive with AODocs and BetterCloud

BetterCloud has partnered with AODocs, a document management and business application platform built on top of Google Drive. Given the need for companies to identify, audit, and repair security breaches, AODocs and BetterCloud make it easy to automate security and compliance while allowing employees to focus on business critical issues. Learn more about how the two platforms work together.

Stéphane Donzé
2 min read
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