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BetterCloud + OneLogin's New Integration: Why Our Customers Say It's "Everything I've Been Waiting For"

Emily Cataldo

May 5, 2020

4 minute read

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This past September, when we announced the OneLogin integration in BetterCloud’s Integration Center, it marked the launch of our partnership with OneLogin. The week of the announcement was serendipitous for both BetterCloud and OneLogin. We held our customer conferences a few blocks apart in San Francisco, which enabled us to meet and gather feedback in real time from many of our customers. The consensus was that our customers would gain significant value from a deeper integration between OneLogin and BetterCloud. I’m ecstatic to announce today that we are delivering on those requests by releasing enhanced integration capabilities designed to meet the growing needs of our customers.

So why are OneLogin and BetterCloud partnering?

Organizations continue to adopt more cloud applications to enable their users to operate in a best-of-breed environment. SaaS adoption has significant benefits for end users but often creates additional challenges for IT and security teams. As customers adopt cloud applications, they are seeing tremendous value when implementing both an IDaaS and a SaaSOps platform to help them better manage and secure their applications.

OneLogin’s IDaaS platform helps organizations secure and enable user connections to all their corporate tools through the use of capabilities like Single Sign-On (SSO), contextual multi-factor authentication (MFA), and automated user provisioning.

BetterCloud created the SaaSOps category and provides IT with a market-leading solution for centralizing management and security of all your SaaS applications.

BetterCloud and OneLogin naturally complement each other to address many of the challenges that organizations face when implementing a cloud strategy. While IT admins leverage OneLogin’s IDaaS to secure and manage user connections, they also rely on BetterCloud to automate, manage, and secure the user privileges and interactions within the applications.

Together, OneLogin and BetterCloud address several impactful use cases that are top of mind for forward-thinking IT and security teams

Our mutual customers are leveraging our platform to solve three key use cases:

1. Fully automating advanced onboarding and offboarding

OneLogin and BetterCloud work together to fully automate end-to-end user onboarding and offboarding.

As the unified cloud directory, OneLogin performs the initial actions associated with provisioning user accounts and assigning the correct access permissions and security policies for employees.

During onboarding and offboarding workflows, BetterCloud will listen for changes being made in OneLogin and “take the baton” in order to perform a wide range of advanced actions.

By leveraging BetterCloud, OneLogin customers can ensure that users have the correct level of access and permissions within specific SaaS applications. Below are some examples of advanced actions across a few applications:

2. Managing mid-lifecycle management workflows

Manage changes in user access, roles, and permissions, and automate the associated IT processes to save time and reduce the risk of configuration errors.

OneLogin automatically updates user access permissions, applications within their login portal, and security policies based on an employee’s new role. With BetterCloud, IT can automatically push the user’s identity profile into applications and execute workflows for additional changes within the applications.

BetterCloud can also monitor login data and allow customers to recoup (or reassign) unused licenses.

3. Enhancing security policies across applications

OneLogin and BetterCloud provide visibility and auditability across users and applications.

  • OneLogin provides visibility and auditability across all aspects of authentication and provisioning. IT admins can also leverage contextual authentication to determine when to step up or step down security policies, such as MFA, based on the risk of an individual login.
  • BetterCloud allows you to have visibility and auditability across all of your applications, and will leverage context about the identity of users from OneLogin.

Together, OneLogin and BetterCloud allow customers to implement a least privilege access model.

  • OneLogin grants users the minimum amount of access permissions needed for their daily responsibilities, ensuring the security of user authentication across all a company’s applications.
  • BetterCloud can create and assign granular admin roles, provide alerts when new super admins are added within an application, apply time constraints to user roles, and more.

BetterCloud allows companies to protect their companies and data from the risk of insider threats by both malicious and negligent users.

  • Customers leverage BetterCloud to monitor and enforce policies across files, users, and groups, as well as scan for sensitive content.
  • Customers can remediate data protection policies by taking action in OneLogin.
  • For example: If BetterCloud detects suspicious user behavior (such as downloading a high volume of files that exceeds the threshold of a security policy), it can kick off a workflow that alerts the security team, logs the user out of OneLogin, and either locks them out or forces them to reauthenticate.

What are the outcomes you can expect from this integration, and where do you start?

One of our first customers to gain access to our enhanced integration said, “This [release] is like a Christmas gift. This is everything I have been waiting for to help with our onboarding and offboarding workflows.” Many of our mutual customers that leverage our platforms feel this sentiment. In fact, we’ve helped some companies reduce their offboarding times from an average of 35 minutes per employee to approximately 30 seconds.

By saving IT time and resources, reducing the risk of security threats, and improving end user experience, we are thrilled that our platforms allow our customers to alleviate many of the things that keep them up at night. We love hearing that our customers are able to give their end users the freedom to leverage the applications they want (more like demand) without compromising the security of their users, company or data—it’s brilliant!

So how can you get started?