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Optimize Your Employee Experience With BetterCloud and Multiplier


April 6, 2022

2 minute read

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We are excited to announce our newest platform integration with Multiplier, a Jira plugin that helps IT teams using Atlassian Jira Service Management (JSM) automate identity and access management workflows. In our continued efforts to shift IT processes left for enhanced employee experiences and enable zero-touch IT, this integration allows JSM customers to achieve value faster by embedding preconfigured BetterCloud actions directly into Jira workflows to automate the fulfillment of common help desk requests.

BetterCloud’s powerful SaaS management platform empowers IT teams to automate routine manual processes and create a self-service environment for all employees. One popular trigger for these workflows is the creation of a SaaS-related help desk ticket in JSM, for requests such as:

  • Application access
  • Password resets
  • Group creation and assignment

While BetterCloud is a no-code platform, setting up a workflow to trigger from a JSM ticket requires customers to configure JSM to send a webhook with relevant information to BetterCloud, and then configure BetterCloud to understand how to process the data being sent from JSM. Depending on expertise and bandwidth across your IT team, this setup could consume valuable technical resources or support from a third party, which often means a slower time realizing value from a zero-touch IT mindset. 

How our new integration with Multiplier works

As a plugin to Atlassian JSM, Multiplier allows for a user experience that is native within the JSM interface, meaning that IT teams can now embed BetterCloud actions directly in a Jira workflow without any additional configuration or need to move between platforms.

Multiplier also enables BetterCloud customers to automate the fulfillment of commonly performed help desk tickets like resetting passwords, creating and managing access to groups, and provisioning applications with prebuilt, BetterCloud-powered templates out-of-the-box in Jira. In addition, customers can also choose to invoke any of BetterCloud’s native 800+ actions from 80 different SaaS applications.

How our new integration with Multiplier empowers IT

Multiplier’s BetterCloud integration helps simplify and streamline the creation of Zero Touch IT processes for teams that rely on JSM as their ITSM. In the image below, you can see how Multiplier embeds preconfigured BetterCloud workflow templates directly within Jira.

Faster ticket resolution ultimately maximizes operational efficiency not only for IT, but also for end-users as they no longer need to wait on IT to resolve the request, leading to an improvement in IT’s SLAs and the overall employee experience.

If you’re an Atlassian JSM customer and you’d like to learn more about how to leverage BetterCloud + Multiplier, please visit!