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BetterCloud multiplier JSM 1

BetterCloud + Multiplier

for Atlassian Jira Service Management

BetterCloud’s workflows empower IT teams to automate routine manual workflows, helping them achieve Zero Touch IT.


One of the popular triggers for these workflows is the creation of a helpdesk ticket in ITSM solutions, such as Jira Service Management (JSM), for requests such as:

  • Application access requests
  • Password resets
  • Group creation and assignment

Today, setting up these workflows requires configuration in both the ITSM, as well as BetterCloud, as users must first configure the ticketing solution to send a webhook with relevant information to BetterCloud, and then configure BetterCloud to understand how to process the data being sent, which often means a slower time to value in realizing Zero Touch IT.


Multiplier and BetterCloud have partnered together to offer an integration that allows Jira Service Management (JSM) customers to more seamlessly embed BetterCloud actions directly in a JSM workflow, without any additional configuration.


This integration enables the automatic fulfillment of commonly performed helpdesk tickets out-of-the-box in the JSM interface.


The result? Simplified and streamlined Zero Touch IT processes for teams that leverage JSM as their helpdesk, leading to increased productivity from employees by enabling a self-serve model for common requests, rather than waiting on IT.