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Asana + BetterCloud: Enhance Your Asana User Experience & Get Instant Productivity

Shreyas Sadalgi

October 20, 2021

3 minute read

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Organizations around the world are experiencing seismic shifts in how they work. While some are going fully remote, others are making hybrid work a mainstay—and these shifts are presenting hefty challenges.

According to Asana’s Anatomy of Work Index 2021, knowledge workers switch between 10 apps 25 times per day—fragmenting communication and reducing efficiency.

Indeed, in a WFH world, it’s more important than ever for distributed and remote teams to collaborate effectively and have visibility into what everyone is working on. To stay organized and connected, many organizations have turned to Asana to manage projects, increase productivity, and collaborate with teams no matter where they are.

At BetterCloud, our mission is to help IT unlock the full potential of their organization’s SaaS apps. To that end, we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Asana, which enables IT to integrate Asana admin tasks and actions into automated ULM workflows.

Enhancing user experience and boosting productivity with Asana

BetterCloud is honored to be included as an SMP ecosystem partner as part of Asana’s enterprise launch event that was unveiled today. BetterCloud’s solution is now featured in Asana’s app directory catalog featuring new enterprise integrations.

While this partnership may be new, our relationship with Asana is not. We’re also mutual customers of each other’s products. Here at BetterCloud, we use Asana regularly to manage projects large and small, and Asana’s IT team uses BetterCloud to manage their SaaS environment and automate day-to-day operations.

Accelerate your Asana users’ productivity with BetterCloud

With the BetterCloud + Asana integration, IT teams can take the following actions for Asana users as steps in automated ULM workflows:

  • Invite users
  • Add users to teams
  • Add members to projects
  • Create tasks
  • Remove a user from a team, project, or all projects
  • Remove a user

Hundreds of BetterCloud customers like HelloFresh and ClassPass have been leveraging integrated automation workflows from Asana and BetterCloud to enhance user experience and productivity. This integration allows IT to streamline the project management of their user lifecycles and other common IT administrative tasks.

With the BetterCloud + Asana integration, IT can automatically add new users to certain Asana teams so they can access the information and projects that are needed for their roles. In addition to user onboarding, IT can automatically remove users from a team, project, and/or Asana workspace in a more secure and efficient fashion. By granting the ability to take action through any/all conditions, automated workflows create tasks for your security and governance team in Asana each time an unsanctioned application is installed or a sensitive file is shared publicly. These use cases demonstrate how IT can better manage their SaaS apps with a SaaS management platform (SMP).

For more IT insights from BetterCloud and Asana, check out this webinar recording of The Embedded CIO, featuring BetterCloud CIO Tommy Donnelly and Asana Global Head of IT Johan Dowdy. Learn how CIOs can work in tandem with the heads of each business unit to enable and guide the enterprise through the digital landscape.

For instructions on how to integrate Asana with BetterCloud, check out our Help Center article.

To learn more about how BetterCloud can discover, manage, and secure your SaaS environment, request a demo.