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Illustration of two people shaking hands with a gear and a grid of dots in the background.

Smooth sailing: Simplifying mergers with automated onboarding

Learn how BetterCloud streamlines onboarding, enhances security, and ensures a successful acquisition.

3 min read
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Finding value in your existing tech stack

Maximize efficiency and minimize costs in your tech stack with BetterCloud. In a world where every dollar counts, BetterCloud empowers businesses to optimize usage, reduce spending, and enhance security.

Stephanie Solis
4 min read
costofinaction ftr img

Cost of Inaction: Why You Need a SaaS Management Platform Now

Every organization can greatly benefit from SaaS management because the costs of not having one are too high. Learn why you need a SaaS management platform now.

Natalie Robb
5 min read

Enhancing the Employee Experience with Custom BetterCloud Integrations

As SaaS adoption continues to transform the workplace, IT departments are finding themselves increasingly responsible…

2 min read
AsanaPartnership FeatureImage

Asana + BetterCloud: Enhance Your Asana User Experience & Get Instant Productivity

BetterCloud is honored to be included as an SMP ecosystem partner as part of Asana’s enterprise launch event. Our partnership with Asana enables IT to integrate Asana admin tasks and actions into automated ULM workflows.

Shreyas Sadalgi
3 min read
Miro BC FeatureImage

BetterCloud + Miro: Helping Teams Supercharge Productivity & Streamline Workflows

We’re thrilled to partner with Miro, enabling IT teams to streamline ULM processes and provide end users with a frictionless experience as they use Miro.

2 min read
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The 5 Most Popular Tools Recommended by IT Pros

What are the must-have IT tools? A panel of IT pros weighed in on their favorite software and services, and then community members upvoted their faves. Here are the top five results.

Ben Lang
6 min read
impact workplace technology ftr

These Two Things Impact Workplace Technology More Than Anything Else

In recent years, what has impacted technology in the workplace the most? Aspi Havewala, Director of IT at Verizon, has a concise yet powerful answer. He identifies the two most critical factors that IT must understand and be thoughtful about, and explains how and why these areas must evolve.

Aspi Havewala
3 min read
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Here Are the Best Resources Recommended By IT Leaders

We wanted to know where forward-thinking IT professionals find the best information, tools, and training. So we turned to the members in BetterIT, our IT-focused community, and asked them: “What’s the best IT resource you’ve ever come across?” Here’s a handy list of the resources they recommended.

4 min read
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How Do You Combat the #1 Killer of Workplace Productivity? 6 Key Takeaways from Our Webinar

Missed our “Friction: The #1 Killer of Workplace Productivity” webinar? Don’t worry. Here’s a recap with key takeaways, downloadable slides, and a recording of the webinar, so that you can learn more about reducing friction in the workplace.

3 min read