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Top Use Cases for BetterCloud & Microsoft 365

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Since launching our integration with Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365) two years ago, we have added functionality spanning all the SaaSOps use cases. Here are five of the top use cases our Microsoft customers have been taking advantage of.

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The Best IT Advice I Ever Received

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For many an IT guru who wants to maintain good relations while also ensuring they are doing their job right, it can be confusing and daunting. But forming the human connection is just as important a part of a successful IT organization as fixing computers. By building empathy and communication skills, you can reshape the perception of IT, create new advocates for IT, and help your organization thrive.

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BetterCloud + OneLogin's New Integration: Why Our Customers Say It's "Everything I've Been Waiting For"

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This past September, when we announced the OneLogin integration in BetterCloud’s Integration Center, it marked the launch of our partnership with OneLogin. The week of the announcement was serendipitous for both BetterCloud and OneLogin. We’re ecstatic to announce today that we are delivering on those requests by releasing enhanced integration capabilities designed to meet the growing needs of our customers.

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What It’s Like to Scale a Startup, Get Laid Off, and Then Re-Hired During COVID-19

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This is my candid story about working in IT at a fast-growing startup. It’s about the challenges of scaling (and how BetterCloud helped set us up for success). But it’s also a tale of personal growth, self-reflection, ironic twists, and unexpected turns.

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