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The Fundamentals of Role-Based Access Control

Statista reports that there were a whopping 540 data breaches in 2020. The solution for many IT teams? A slightly more nuanced approach known as role-based access control (RBAC). This is not exactly a new approach, but it enables you to grant access based on the specific needs of each user’s role and business unit. Let’s take a closer look.

Megan Bozman
6 min read
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Product Tip Tuesday: Secure File Sharing in Dropbox

Welcome back to another Product Tip Tuesday! We have yet another customer favorite for you: secure file sharing in Dropbox. This feature allows for greater visibility into your data; you can set up alerts so you know exactly when a file is shared publicly, externally, or even internally and take steps to remediate if necessary.

2 min read
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Product Tip Tuesday: How to Cut Costs by Freeing Up Underutilized SaaS Licenses

Welcome back for another Product Tip Tuesday. This week we’re back with everyone’s favorite: a money saving tip. Here’s how to save hundreds, even thousands of dollars, by uncovering underutilized and suspended SaaS licenses with BetterCloud.

2 min read
Optimized vr experience ftr 2

Behind the Scenes: How IT Used Virtual Reality to Change the Way We Recruit at BetterCloud

Hiring in the tech space is growing increasingly competitive. To differentiate ourselves, our IT team produced short recruiting videos with 360 footage to make the hiring process a uniquely immersive one. Here’s how we did it.

10 min read
eng behind theme parks ftr

Engineering Magic: The Tech Secrets Behind Theme Parks

Theme parks are thrilling and action-packed. But how are the attractions designed, built, and tested? An industry expert shares some behind-the-scenes engineering secrets.

7 min read
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