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Product Tip Tuesday: Secure File Sharing in Dropbox

March 5, 2019

2 minute read

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Welcome back to another Product Tip Tuesday! We have yet another customer favorite for you: secure file sharing in Dropbox.

secure file sharing

Why do customers love this feature? Secure file sharing in Dropbox allows for greater visibility into your data. Setting up trigger alert and remediation path workflows is simple and provides insight into how your users are interacting with your data.

Here are two use cases to implement to enhance secure file sharing in Dropbox.

1. Trigger alerts whenever a file is shared publicly, externally, or even internally

If a user shares a file that violates your file sharing policies, you can create alerts that notify you via email or Slack, and have a ticket created in Zendesk too. Using our Dynamic Fields, you can customize the message to give the proper context so that admins will know what specifically has occurred.

2. Create remediation paths

When a file is shared publicly, you can create an automated remediation path to take place. For example, if a file is shared publicly, you can automatically remove file collaborators, delete the file sharing link, send an email to the user and their manager, and notify IT or security teams.

file sharing, Dropbox
For a deeper dive into file sharing policies, check out these articles on publicly shared files and externally shared files in the BetterCloud Help Center.