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How BetterCloud Discover Helps IT Know the SaaS Environment


During Altitude 2020, our director of product strategy Peter Bilali explained that BetterCloud’s new Discover offering helps IT know the SaaS environment. Want to see how it works? Here are a few GIFs that demonstrate the power of BetterCloud Discover.

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The Importance of Limiting the Risk of Unauthorized SaaS Applications

FeatureImage Why Discovering Your SaaS Environment Is Important to Your Compliance Program

It’s clear that shadow IT and SaaS sprawl is bigger than any IT administrator is currently aware of. That’s why it’s critical to look at hidden risks of unauthorized SaaS apps, and how to limit risk to remain in compliance with security policies. Here’s how you can get started.

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A Brief History of SaaSOps (and Why It Matters)

OnixRepost featureImage

Let’s take a look at the brief, but insanely interesting history of SaaSOps. We’ll explore just how rapidly SaaS became a driver of innovation, the external threats against it, and how the benefits of SaaS helped IT discover a need for a more centralized way to manage all of the products.

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Celebrating The 2020 SaaSOps Stars Award Winners

SaaSOpsStars featureimage

This marked the second year of our SaaSOps Stars Awards. On the fourth day of Altitude 2020, our chief customer officer Rachel Orston took the stage to recognize some individuals and teams that transformed their companies, careers, and industries.

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Insight Alert #4: Winning on Employee Experience With New Hire IT Onboarding

StateOfSaaSOps WinningonEndUserExperience DayOneOnboardingTrends

In prior Insight Alerts, we discussed trends in SaaS usage, visibility in the SaaS environment, and how CASB users differ from SaaSOps users. In this last Insight Alert based on our 2020 State of SaaSOps report survey data, we explore IT onboarding trends and how SaaS management and SaaSOps platforms make a difference.

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Altitude 2020: The 4 Biggest Product Announcements

ProductRecap FeatureImage

Whether you were able to join us or not, there’s a lot to digest from the five days that we (virtually) spent together, especially when it comes to the product. Here are just four of the biggest product announcements from Altitude 2020.

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Forrester Research Publishes Best Practices Report on SaaS Operations

Forresterreport featureImage

In this report, Forrester interviewed IT leaders from some of the world’s largest companies to understand the current best practices for mastering SaaS operations. As a result, it does a great job describing the current IT landscape and the key challenges organizations face around multi-SaaS environments. We encourage you to read the full report, but let’s explore a few of the takeaways from the report.

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