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PTT BambooHR

Product Tip Tuesday: BambooHR Integration

By BetterCloud | June 27, 2023

Learn how BetterCloud’s native integration with BambooHR maximizes IT and HR efficiency.

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BCandLawFirms ftr

How BetterCloud Enhances File Management and IT Efficiency for Law Firms

By Erin Avery | June 23, 2023

Learn how BetterCloud addresses the unique challenges faced by IT teams in the legal industry.

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Making the Business Case to the CFO: 5 Questions You Should Answer

By Natalie Robb | June 22, 2023

To make the business case to the CFO that helps you get approval for a SaaS management platform, read on to learn the 5 questions you must absolutely answer.

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ptt scheduledondemandworkflows ftr

Product Tip Tuesday: Scheduled On-Demand Workflows

By BetterCloud | June 20, 2023

Learn how to easily configure and specify a date and time for executing a Workflow in BetterCloud, giving you flexibility in how you initiate your automations.

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bamboo hr release ftr

BetterCloud’s New Automation Features Optimize IT and HR Operations

By BetterCloud | June 14, 2023

Learn about BetterCloud’s new capabilities designed to enhance the IT automation journey.

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BarkSaved1200Hours ftr img

How BARK Saved Over 2,000 Hours of Manual IT Work With BetterCloud

By BetterCloud | June 12, 2023

Learn how BARK eliminated over 2,000 hours of manual IT work with BetterCloud.

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bcmx opening ftr

BetterCloud Opens Its First International Office In Mexico City

By Manuel Martinez-Herrera | June 7, 2023

BetterCloud officially opened an office in Mexico City, Mexico! Learn why Mexico was chosen as the first international office, what the team is currently working on, and what makes BetterCloud Mexico special.

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MaximizingSeasonalStaffingEfficiencyinRetail ftr img

Maximizing Seasonal Staffing Efficiency in Retail: Scale IT Impact Through User Lifecycle Management

By Erin Avery | June 1, 2023

As the holiday season approaches, retail organizations face the challenge of efficiently managing the user lifecycle of seasonal workers within their digital infrastructure. Learn the benefits of automating user lifecycle management with BetterCloud for IT teams supporting retail seasonal staffing.

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costofinaction ftr img

Cost of Inaction: Why You Need a SaaS Management Platform Now

By Natalie Robb | May 31, 2023

Every organization can greatly benefit from SaaS management because the costs of not having one are too high. Learn why you need a SaaS management platform now.

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PTT WorkflowManagerGrid

Product Tip Tuesday: Workflow Manager Grid Enhancements

By BetterCloud | May 22, 2023

We are excited to introduce a new series of enhancements to the Workflow Manager grid within BetterCloud. Learn what’s new and how you can use these updates today to more easily automate your SaaS management tasks.

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2023SMPImpactReport FeatureImage 1

SaaS Management Impact Report: How Automation Eliminates Up to 78% of SaaS Management Work

By BetterCloud | May 17, 2023

Using customer data, our new SaaS management impact report reveals the measurable efficiencies and ROI of SaaS management—and what it means for organizations. Here are some of the biggest findings.

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gainsightcasestudy 1

How Gainsight Eliminated 1,300 Hours of ULM Work in One Year with BetterCloud

By BetterCloud | April 4, 2023

Learn how Gainsight eliminated 1,300 hours of user lifecycle management work with BetterCloud’s automated workflows.

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