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The 2021 State of SaaSOps Report

We’re thrilled to announce the release of our 2021 State of SaaSOps report. Here’s what this year’s survey of 523 IT and security professionals revealed about SaaSOps, automation, and SaaS management at scale.

BetterCloud Monitor
7 min read

A Day in the Life of a SaaSOps Leader

It’s time to pull back the veil of secrecy around SaaSOps practitioners. While it’s no…

Jim Holdsworth
6 min read

How We Manage 300+ SaaS Apps

Here at BetterCloud, our IT and business systems teams manage a whopping 300+ SaaS apps. How do they keep such a large cloud-based environment under control? What processes and technology do they use? Here’s what they said.

Jim Holdsworth
5 min read

How SaaSOps Engineers Use SaaS Management Platforms

If you’ve ever wondered what SaaSOps professionals do, and how they use SaaS management platforms, this post is for you. 

Natalie Robb
6 min read

Is SaaSOps the New DevOps?

The histories of SaaSOps and DevOps are more similar than you might think. Is SaaSOps on track to become the new DevOps? Let’s dive in.

Richard Moy
6 min read

What Is a SaaS Management Platform?

What is a SaaS management platform (SMP), and what exactly does it do? Why do you need one? We cover everything you need to know about SMPs.

Natalie Robb
6 min read
SaaS management

What Is SaaS Management? The 2021 Guide

Learn what SaaS management is, plus best practices, top challenges, and how a SaaS management platform can help.

Megan Bozman
9 min read

Want to Validate Your BetterCloud Expertise? There’s a Certification For That

Looking for a way to showcase your proficiency with BetterCloud? We got you. Here’s how to become a Certified BetterCloud Administrator.

Dan Gualtieri
3 min read

How to Think About Integrations in SaaS Management Platforms

As IT and security teams look to add to their SaaS operations (SaaSOps) stack, it’s important to understand the key role of integrations in SaaS Management Platforms (SMPs), particularly pre-built ones. Here’s what you need to know.

Natalie Robb
4 min read

The 2021 SaaS Sprawl Management Checklist

It’s good practice for every organization that relies on SaaS to take inventory periodically. Without knowing and monitoring for potential SaaS app account creep, your SaaS environment becomes a risky, expensive and unmanageable clutter. Without actively managing them, the dangers mount. But what can you do?

Natalie Robb
4 min read
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