A Day in the Life of a SaaSOps Leader

What do SaaSOps leaders do every day? More importantly, what unique priorities do they have—and how are they using IT to innovate? To find out, we interviewed Justine Bienkowski, director of SaaSOps and corporate IT at BetterCloud, to learn more about her typical day at work.

How We Manage 300+ SaaS Apps

Here at BetterCloud, our IT and business systems teams manage a whopping 300+ SaaS apps. How do they keep such a large cloud-based environment under control? What processes and technology do they use? Here’s what they said.

Is SaaSOps the New DevOps?

The histories of SaaSOps and DevOps are more similar than you might think. Is SaaSOps on track to become the new DevOps? Let’s dive in.

The 2021 SaaS Sprawl Management Checklist

It’s good practice for every organization that relies on SaaS to take inventory periodically. Without knowing and monitoring for potential SaaS app account creep, your SaaS environment becomes a risky, expensive and unmanageable clutter. Without actively managing them, the dangers mount. But what can you do?

A Brief History of SaaSOps (and Why It Matters)

Let’s take a look at the brief, but insanely interesting history of SaaSOps. We’ll explore just how rapidly SaaS became a driver of innovation, the external threats against it, and how the benefits of SaaS helped IT discover a need for a more centralized way to manage all of the products.

The 2020 State of SaaSOps Report

In the early part of the year, we watched SaaS power a historic workforce transformation. But what are the biggest challenges, priorities, and goals when managing SaaS at scale? To find out, we surveyed nearly 700 IT and security professionals. Here’s what the data revealed.

SaaSOps Stories With Joseph Fuller, Head of IT at Deputy

Our Chief Customer Officer Rachel Orston sat down with Joseph Fuller of Deputy to discuss the pandemic’s impact on his company’s customers and employees. They dove into how Fuller’s team pivoted to support its remote workforce from a technical standpoint, as well as the adjustments he made to his management style over the last few months.


How IT Will Shape the Future of Workplaces

How do you help people stay effective while working under really unusual conditions? To answer this question and many more, our CEO David Politis and Dropbox CTO Bharat Mediratta sat down to discuss how IT will play a leading role in creating digital workplaces.

What 3 IT Leaders Learned from Their SaaSOps Journeys

With the rapid rise of remote work and accelerated adoption of SaaS, what can we learn from IT leaders who’ve already been managing and securing SaaS for years? Three IT pros share their best tips and lessons learned during their SaaSOps journeys.

The IT Handbook to Choosing the Right SaaS App

Choosing a new SaaS tool means combing through lists of dozens (dozens!) of similar apps, and it can be hard to tell which is the right one for the job. As an IT admin there’s a lot more to consider than just “Does this get the job done?” when evaluating a new or replacement SaaS tool. Today’s IT organizations have to deal with an incredible number of applications to administer and secure, on top of our more traditional tasks. And yet, IT admins are still very much needed to help evaluate SaaS applications before purchase. So how do we do this? And more importantly, how do we make this a sustainable, scalable process?

The IT Leader’s Glossary for SaaS Operations

Getting a handle on SaaSOps? Looking to become a SaaSOps Star? This glossary is the place to deepen your understanding of the basic components of SaaSOps. Learn all the terms, phrases, and acronyms that you need to know as a SaaSOps professional.