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These Two Things Impact Workplace Technology More Than Anything Else

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In recent years, what has impacted technology in the workplace the most? Aspi Havewala, Director of IT at Verizon, has a concise yet powerful answer. He identifies the two most critical factors that IT must understand and be thoughtful about, and explains how and why these areas must evolve.

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Groundhog Day: The Unique Pain Inflicted by Multiple Instances of the Same SaaS Application (And How to Fix It)

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Managing one instance of a SaaS application is already difficult; managing multiple instances, doubly so. Not only are the tasks even more monotonous and repetitive (think: Groundhog Day), but IT must manage and secure substantially more data. Here are five new ways IT can combat those challenges and manage multiple instances much more effectively.

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5 Reasons Why Altitude is Unlike Any Other IT Conference You've Attended

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IT conferences might conjure up images of dull panels and awkward meet and greets. But Altitude 2017, our upcoming IT conference (Oct. 24-25 in Austin, Texas) is not your typical tech event. Here are five reasons why it’s completely different than anything you’ve attended before, and why you should be there.

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Are You at Risk? 5 Stories That Show the Devastating Consequences of Insider Threats

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The vast majority of organizations (74%) feel vulnerable to insider threats, which is why it’s vital to understand the potential consequences and learn from the experiences of others. Only then can executives, IT and security staff, and employees throughout the organization come together to address the problem.

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