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SaaSOps Show Episode 17: Strategic IT Roadmap Planning

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like for your boss to write down every single backlog item onto a Post-it note? That’s what Justine did for (or to) her team. The end result? A more strategic IT roadmap that’s in sync with BetterCloud’s growth plan.

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How to Embed IT (and SaaSOps) Into the Business


A lot of people agree that IT leaders must embed their teams (and SaaSOps principles) into the business. But what do we mean when we say that IT should be embedded into the fabric of an organization? And more importantly, how do we accomplish it? Let’s dig into both of these questions.

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2021 State of SaaS Brief

To learn more about SaaS file security exposure, we analyzed aggregate data from our customer base of 1,500+ companies. Here’s what we found.

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