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10 Ways to Empower Your Help Desk with FlashPanel and Zendesk

It’s no secret we’re huge Zendesk advocates–our support team relies on the platform to host our knowledge base and offer exceptional customer support to BetterCloud users. What you might not know is that BetterCloud is the perfect complement to Zendesk, empowering help desk agents to manage (Zendesk) and solve (BetterCloud) the tickets they receive, and…

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How to Select a Chromebook: 4 Key Items to Consider

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David Hoff is the Chief Technology Officer and a co-founder of Cloud Sherpas. He leads corporate technology strategy and thought leadership across the organization. Find David on Google+ here. Over the last year, the number of people purchasing Google Chromebooks as PC replacements has skyrocketed. Chromebooks provide so many advantages over traditional PCs that, for…

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Why Forrester’s Latest Cloud Spending Predictions Will Be Outpaced Again

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New data from Forrester, first published by Bloomberg Businessweek, finds spending on cloud-computing services, software and related resources will reach $191 billion by 2020, putting the market on track to outpace earlier expectations by about 20%. Businesses are expected to spend $14 billion more on cloud systems and services in 2014 than in the previous…

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Partner Spotlight: Avalon

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Company: Avalon Location: Sweden, Denmark, Norway Markets Served: Enterprise, Mid-Market, Poland and Singapore Website: This week we heard from Ronald Haagensen, Sales Manager at Avalon, a European reseller, to find out more about his organization. BetterCloud: When was your organization founded? Avalon: Our business started in 1997 as a consulting firm for systems development.…

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Top 5 Ways SMBs Can Leverage FlashPanel Enterprise

Though BetterCloud is an enterprise-level management and security tool, there is plenty of valuable functionality scalable for small and medium-sized businesses, too. Smaller businesses may not (yet) need the bulk tools and automations that BetterCloud provides, but putting processes in place early saves time and can help ease growing pains later on. The five tools…

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Third-Party Apps: 5 Steps to Empowering Your Users While Minimizing Risk

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A major draw of Google Apps is its ability to integrate with other SaaS applications. Whether there’s a specific feature from a legacy system that isn’t available in Google Apps out of the box, or a user is just looking for a tool to solve a specific problem, chances are…“there’s an app for that.” By…

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Life after Heartbleed: What Google Apps Customers Need to Know

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This week, a major security flaw was discovered in OpenSSL, the open-source implementation of cryptographic protocols SSL and TLS. This flaw, now referred to as Heartbleed, poses a fundamental risk to the security of data transmitted between servers. In other words, the bug allows malevolent parties to request data from a web server’s memory, which…

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Partner Spotlight: G-Asiapacific

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Company: G-Asiapacific Location: Selangor, Malaysia and Auckland, New Zealand Market Served: Enterprise, SMB Website: This week I heard from Mark Goh, CEO at G-Asiapacific, a Southeast Asian reseller, to find out more about his organization. BetterCloud: When was your organization founded? G-Asiapacific: Our company was founded in 2008. We’re a cloud brokerage and cloud…

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