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Illustration of a person sitting with a laptop and a checklist.

The SaaS Management Platform Mega Checklist: How to Buy an SMP and Stop a Helpdesk Meltdown

To keep up today’s IT challenges, a SaaS management platform (SMP) is now a foundational tool for IT. To make sure you get the right solution for your environment, we created this helpful checklist.

2 min read

Zero-Touch Offboarding with BetterCloud and Jira

In this demo, learn how to use Jira and BetterCloud to create a zero-touch automated offboarding workflow. Offboard departing employees on demand, and in minutes.

2 min read

How to Automate File Security in a SaaS Management Platform

Learn why and how you should use an SMP to uncover improperly shared files, locate sensitive data, and use workflows to automatically fix file sharing actions that violate your security policies.

5 min read