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Zero-Touch Offboarding with BetterCloud and Jira


July 21, 2022

2 minute read


Today’s IT environment, filled with over 110 SaaS apps, can make offboarding a departing employee a long, tedious process for IT. To make matters worse, not all departures are amicable. Former employees who retain access to apps after their last day can cause major problems.

Automated offboarding with BetterCloud workflows saves IT teams tons of time. It also reduces errors in a big way—a workflow will never forget any step in the process, no matter how long it is. 

If you are already automating some or all of your offboarding process, making the workflow zero-touch can be a great way to improve your security posture and save even more time. 

With zero-touch automated offboarding, IT no longer has to wait for a manager or HR to contact them to let them know an employee has departed. Instead, a manager can simply fill out a ticket at 5:00 pm on an employee’s last day, and app access is revoked immediately, with no IT involvement at all. 

Let’s take a look at how to set that up with Jira and BetterCloud.

The challenge

If you are not automating any part of employee offboarding, your scenario might look like the diagram below.

In this process, HR creates a Jira ticket that notifies IT that an employee is departing. An IT team member receives the ticket, and has to set aside time to manually offboard the employee. They must spend time, often hours, turning off access to the IDP, transferring data, and going into SaaS applications and other systems to deprovision accounts. 

As an organization grows, or even goes through furloughs or layoffs, manual offboarding can eat up a lot of IT time. Worse, as the hours pile up, so do the chances that employees can retain access to your IT environment long after they depart, driving up security risks.

The solution

By creating a zero-touch workflow with BetterCloud and Jira, this process can be fully automated. A manager, member of HR, or IT, can simply submit a ticket to start an offboarding workflow.

With a single BetterCloud workflow, the entire offboarding process is now automated. No manual steps are needed to transfer files and calendar events to managers, revoke app access, and more. Even better, the offboarding process happens immediately after the ticket is submitted—and in minutes.

To see a demo of how to set this up in BetterCloud and Jira, watch the video below.

YouTube video