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How to Manage and Encourage Highly Converged Teams

hyperconvergedteams ftr

Highly converged teams. Heard of them? They’re the new normal, but they’re a prime breeding ground for shadow IT. Here’s a new model for working with shadow IT, not against it. IT can maintain visibility and control of new apps, and teams can work in the ways they want and need to.

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The Partner Perspective: Making Change Stick

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Driving transformational change in an organization is never easy. Making change happen is one thing, but making it last is another. The stickiness of change hinges on two crucial factors.

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Slack, Microsoft Teams, & What Real-Time Messaging's Battle for the Enterprise Means for IT

Office CVP Kirk Koenigsbauer FORPOST

Did you catch the news? Microsoft launched their Slack competitor, Microsoft Teams, yesterday. The pace of of innovation in the real-time messaging space over the past 3 years has been incredible. 15 years ago we were all using AIM (right?!) and email. Today it feels like there are at least 10 unique channels through which you can reach anyone in your organization.

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