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My Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions

Pocket read it later chrome extension

1. Pocket (formerly Read it Later) It’s almost impossible to read every article I’m interested throughout the day, work related or otherwise. With the Pocket Chrome extension, I’m able to save these articles in one place and read them later either on my computer, mobile or tablet device. After installing Pocket through the Chrome Web Store,…

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BetterCloud’s Top 5 Google Chat Tips

At BetterCloud, we spend the majority of our workdays inside Gmail, so naturally we’ve developed some helpful tips that save us time each and everyday. These 5 tips will help you get the most out of Google Chat (sometimes called Talk), and will hopefully allow you to better communicate with your colleagues throughout the day.…

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3 Ways FlashPanel Helps You Prepare Your Company for Thanksgiving

As an IT admin, covering all the bases when many employees are out of the office over holidays can be tricky. But if your company uses Google Apps, there are some crucial steps you can take in FlashPanel to ensure client interactions and inbound emails don’t fall through the cracks. Remotely Set Email Auto Replies…

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Google Apps: The Numbers You Need to Know

When we started BetterCloud we made it company policy to stay in touch with our customers. As a part of this relationship, we recently surveyed our customers to find out more about their use of FlashPanel, our Google Apps security and management tool. Based on the data we collected, we’ve already implemented the top two…

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BetterCloud’s Top 5 Gmail Hacks

At BetterCloud, we spend the majority of our workday inside Gmail, so over the months, we’ve developed some handy hacks that help save time each and everyday. Our top 5 Gmail hacks will shave minutes off your day and hopefully leave you with a more organized and easier to navigate inbox. 1. Email Filters and…

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Why Half of Our Company is Using Chromebooks, Full-time

Being a Gmail and Google Apps fanatic, I’ve always been intrigued by the concept of Chromebooks and Chrome OS in general. And with every 3 minute reboot of my aging Windows laptop this past spring, I became more tempted to take the plunge and go 100% web with a Chromebook, at least for the large portion of my…

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