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Beyond Access: How to Secure Your Users’ Interactions with BetterCloud

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The rise of user mobility and SaaS application adoption have drastically changed the landscape for access and security: More people are accessing more resources from more locations and more devices. Organizations must ensure that all users around the globe—whether remote employees, customers, partners, or contractors—can securely access data and protect applications anywhere.

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The Perimeter Has Vanished. Here’s a 90-Day Plan to Help You Adapt

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Once upon a time, it was easy to secure your IT kingdom. But just like castles fell in the 1300s because of the evolution and enhancement of gunpowder, our technology perimeter has fallen with the evolution and enhancement of SaaS and cloud-based services. Without our walls, without the perimeter to limit access to services, we must evolve to introduce cloud enablement. Over the next 90 days, let’s take an objective-based approach to evolving our perimeter management.

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Product Tip Tuesday: Time’s Up—Ensuring Admins Have the Proper Access at the Proper Times

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BetterCloud is committed to helping you implement a least privilege model—a security best practice—in your SaaS environment. Time-based roles allow you to delegate admin access to BetterCloud for a set amount of time, ensuring that users won’t retain elevated access any longer than they need.

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