The Hidden Risks of SaaS

Your SaaS environment grows as each well-meaning employee adds another perfect, productivity-boosting SaaS application. But all too often, that new app ends up introducing enormous and unnecessary risks to your company’s SaaS environment. Here are the hidden risks of SaaS that can impact every IT organization.

The 2021 SaaS Sprawl Management Checklist

It’s good practice for every organization that relies on SaaS to take inventory periodically. Without knowing and monitoring for potential SaaS app account creep, your SaaS environment becomes a risky, expensive and unmanageable clutter. Without actively managing them, the dangers mount. But what can you do?

Insight Alert #3: Why It’s Essential to Have Full App Visibility

Last week’s Insight Alert compared SaaSOps users and CASB users. And the week before that, we explored SaaS usage trends published in our 2020 State of SaaSOps report. In this third Insight Alert of the series, we explore what the State of SaaSOps survey data says about how enterprises have (or don’t have) full app visibility to discover all SaaS apps used throughout the organization.

The IT Leader’s Glossary for SaaS Operations

Getting a handle on SaaSOps? Looking to become a SaaSOps Star? This glossary is the place to deepen your understanding of the basic components of SaaSOps. Learn all the terms, phrases, and acronyms that you need to know as a SaaSOps professional.