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BetterCloud's 2024 Hackathon banner

From ideas to reality: BetterCloud’s inaugural Hackathon!

Discover how BetterCloud’s customer-centric approach drives innovation. Learn about our recent hackathon, where we collaborated with customers like JAMF and Merge to build features faster than ever.

Diego Peixoto
2 min read
BetterCloud's Automation All-Stars Awards

Announcing Automation All-Star Awards winners

Celebrate the unsung heroes of IT! Meet this year’s winners of the Automation All-Star Awards.

4 min read
commonly confused it terms ftr

13 Commonly Confused IT Terms

API keys vs. authentication tokens? Integrations vs. connectors? What’s the difference? If you manage infrastructure or web-based technologies like SaaS applications, there are certain terms that are commonly confused. Here are 13 to look out for.

Terwase Kelvin Gberikon
4 min read
Dart FeatureImage

The Best IT Advice I Ever Received

For many an IT guru who wants to maintain good relations while also ensuring they are doing their job right, it can be confusing and daunting. But forming the human connection is just as important a part of a successful IT organization as fixing computers. By building empathy and communication skills, you can reshape the perception of IT, create new advocates for IT, and help your organization thrive.

Dartanian Richards
4 min read
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