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Announcing Automation All-Star Awards winners


March 5, 2024

4 minute read

BetterCloud's Automation All-Stars Awards

Technology is the heartbeat of every industry and company therein, yet the IT professionals who ensure its continuous operation often remain unnoticed. These unsung heroes deserve to be recognized. That’s why we created the Automation All-Star Awards to honor these individuals!

The four award categories include:

  • Workflow Wizardry: This individual has built a Workflow meticulously designed to streamline IT processes and elevate productivity.
  • Timelord: This individual revolutionized their workflows and saved valuable time.
  • Trailblazing Titan: This individual has solved complex challenges and uncovered fresh opportunities.
  • Rising Star: This individual has rapidly made their mark in the world of IT automation, demonstrating exceptional skill and potential.

These awards are more than just a trophy, they’re a testament to the invaluable contributions of IT professionals who often work in the shadows.

The 2023 Automation All-Stars Awards process

The quest for this year’s all-stars started in October, with nominations collected from IT professionals and leaders across multiple industries.

Each nomination included written submissions highlighting the nominees’ innovative initiatives, achievements, and qualities aligning them with the award category.

The selection process for the winners was rigorous, with an internal team at BetterCloud carefully evaluating each nominee’s contributions to their organization’s automation journey. After much deliberation, the winners have been chosen, and their stories are nothing short of inspiring.

Congratulations to this year’s Automation All-Stars!

Join us as we shine a spotlight on these remarkable individuals and truly celebrate them!

Automation All-Stars Awards Workflow Wizard

The Workflow Wizard:
Tanya Botta from Signant Health

The Workflow Wizardry award goes to… Tanya Botta! 

Tanya Botta, an analysis queen, has improved efficiency for the entire team and serves as a true problem-solver.

I am incredibly honored to receive the Workflow Wizardry Award from BetterCloud. This recognition is not only a testament to the hard work and dedication that has been put into optimizing and innovating our workflows but also a reflection of the collaborative spirit and the relentless pursuit of excellence within our team. Receiving this award from BetterCloud, a leader in SaaS management, underscores the impact of our efforts in creating efficient, seamless, and transformative processes that not only drive our organization forward but also set new benchmarks in the industry.

It is a moment of pride that encourages us to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible, innovating with purpose, and striving for excellence in every endeavor.”

Automation All-Stars Awards Timelord

The Timelord:
Brandon Wyatt from BARK

The Timelord award goes to… Brandon Wyatt!

Brandon is passionate about efficiency and optimization in IT processes, making him THE Timelord!

I am deeply honored and genuinely humbled to receive the Timelord award from BetterCloud. This recognition holds profound meaning for me, not just as a testament to my efforts and achievements but as a reflection of the values and aspirations that drive me in my professional journey.

To me, being named a Timelord transcends the literal interpretation of mastering time management or productivity. It symbolizes the relentless pursuit of excellence, innovation, and efficiency in every task I undertake. It speaks to my commitment to not only meet but exceed expectations, to push boundaries, and to continuously seek out ways to bring more value to my team and the organization.

This award is a reminder of the importance of adaptability and foresight in today’s fast-paced, ever-evolving work environment. It reinforces my belief in the power of proactive problem-solving and strategic planning to navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities. Being recognized as a Timelord emboldens me to further harness my skills and talents to contribute to our collective success, to mentor others, and to inspire a culture of continuous improvement and innovation within BARK.

Moreover, this award is a milestone that marks a moment of reflection and gratitude. It allows me to acknowledge the support, guidance, and inspiration I have received from my colleagues, mentors, and leaders at BARK. It is a testament to the collaborative spirit and the shared vision that propels us forward as a team. In essence, the Timelord award is not merely an accolade for what I have achieved; it is a beacon guiding my future endeavors. It represents my commitment to lifelong learning, to embracing change, and to making every moment count for the betterment of our projects, our people, and our purpose. I am inspired to continue this journey with even greater dedication and enthusiasm, knowing that my contributions are valued and impactful.”

Automation All-Stars Awards Trailblazing Titan

The Trailblazing Titan:
Chris Ritter from Global Payments

The Trailblazing Titan award goes to… Chris Ritter!

Chris has been proactive in finding ways to improve workflows and remove ANY human interaction for Global Payments with BetterCloud.

I am honored to be recognized with this award. I am always looking for the next problem to solve with workflows in Bettercloud. I tend to have ideas that are often just outside of the intended purpose for a feature which often results in submitting a feature request.

With branching, Bettercloud has expanded our workflow capabilities and solved for many of the problems that I had been using creative solutions to resolve. I haven’t done it alone though.

I work with a great team that helps each other think outside the box to solve complex problems. I couldn’t do what I do without them.”

Automation All-Stars Awards Rising Star

The Rising Star:
Jason Cosma from FIRST Agency Event Management, Inc.

The Rising Star award goes to… Jason Cosma!

With just two years under his belt at FIRST, Jason hit the ground running in implementing BetterCloud to save hundreds of hours a year for FIRST.

It’s an honor to be nominated for this award, by my boss, Peter Pinti. The award validates all the hard work and effort that was put into our automation to streamline the onboarding and offboarding process. Working for a purpose keeps me motivated on a daily basis.”