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If You're Not Doing Acceptance Test-Driven Development, You're Not Really Agile

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This article is based on a webinar from our VP of QA, Adam Satterfield, hosted by QASymphony. You can watch it here. Last week, BetterCloud completed a truly epic release: new editions of BetterCloud for Google Apps, a completely new landing page framework within the tool, and—most significantly—a major new solution for Drive compliance and data loss…

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Our Chief Strategy Officer Talks Cloud Vision, Millennials, and Siberian Huskies

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When it comes to mastery of the enterprise IT landscape, few people can touch Michael Tweddle. In 18 years as a systems analyst, sales consultant, and technical team leader, he’s led teams at Quest and Dell through several major shifts in the industry, including Dell’s acquisition of Quest. This month, he became BetterCloud’s chief strategy…

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Welcome to the New BetterCloud

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Today’s an important day at BetterCloud—the beginning of a new chapter in the company’s history. Several changes went into effect earlier today that impact everything from the names of our products to the platforms we support. These changes fall into three main categories: New Name, New Look, New Brand As you may already have noticed,…

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FREE GUIDE: Creating a Culture of Transformation

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Have you ever witnessed an organization-wide change that didn’t stick? Like expense-tracking software that confused and frustrated your employees? Or an intranet that started gathering cobwebs the day after it launched? Chances are, the people who planned it didn’t establish a culture of transformation first. They didn’t pave the way by getting employees invested, and…

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Introduction to Google Drive Security

Google Drive Security

The thought of storing sensitive documents in Google Drive may be daunting, but when done correctly IT can keep data secure and deliver massive bottom-line benefits.

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