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User Lifecycle Management

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Monitoring for Okta breaches using BetterCloud Workflows

How can you protect your business from future Okta breaches? Automate checks and secure your company with BetterCloud’s IT workflows.

Grant Gumina
4 min read
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How BetterCloud Enhances File Management and IT Efficiency for Law Firms

Learn how BetterCloud addresses the unique challenges faced by IT teams in the legal industry.

Erin Avery
3 min read
BarkSaved1200Hours ftr img

How BARK Saved Over 2,000 Hours of Manual IT Work With BetterCloud

Learn how BARK eliminated over 2,000 hours of manual IT work with BetterCloud.

2 min read
MaximizingSeasonalStaffingEfficiencyinRetail ftr img

Maximizing Seasonal Staffing Efficiency in Retail: Scale IT Impact Through User Lifecycle Management

As the holiday season approaches, retail organizations face the challenge of efficiently managing the user lifecycle of seasonal workers within their digital infrastructure. Learn the benefits of automating user lifecycle management with BetterCloud for IT teams supporting retail seasonal staffing.

Erin Avery
3 min read
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Cost of Inaction: Why You Need a SaaS Management Platform Now

Every organization can greatly benefit from SaaS management because the costs of not having one are too high. Learn why you need a SaaS management platform now.

Natalie Robb
5 min read
SpendManagementisaprogram ftr

SaaS Spend Management is a Program, not a Product or Application

In today’s evolving business landscape, widespread adoption of SaaS applications has driven a surge in spending, prompting organizations to pursue the evaluation and effective management of these costs. Learn how user lifecycle management serves as a foundation for effective SaaS management and SaaS spending.

Erin Avery
8 min read
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How Gainsight Eliminated 1,300 Hours of ULM Work in One Year with BetterCloud

Learn how Gainsight eliminated 1,300 hours of user lifecycle management work with BetterCloud’s automated workflows.

Niki Germano
2 min read

Why IT Needs to Automate User Lifecycle Management Today

Learn why IT needs to automate user lifecycle management today—and why it should be done in a SaaS management platform.

4 min read