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How & Why IT Needs to Dance with Data

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Data is said to be “the new oil.” IT’s challenge now is to increase their knowledge of, and integration with, their colleagues on the Data and Dev teams. And if ever there was a need for teams to work more harmoniously, Data and IT have to do so now.

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Getting to Know BetterCloud’s New Chief Business Strategy Officer, Shreyas Sadalgi

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Meet BetterCloud’s new Chief Business Strategy Officer, Shreyas Sadalgi. He sat down to discuss the emerging challenges in the enterprise IT world, his vision and product strategy for BetterCloud, and why companies should want to partner with a multi-SaaS management platform like BetterCloud.

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My Twenty Minutes on The Twenty Minute VC Podcast

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On a recent episode of The Twenty Minute VC podcast, I had the opportunity to share my perspective on startup culture, fundraising stages, and what VCs really mean when they say, “Stay in touch.” You can listen to the episode here. I hope you enjoy it.

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7 Tried-and-Tested Tips for IT to Get the Most Out of Zendesk

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There are some really creative ways to leverage the power of automation (and other Zendesk features) that can help your IT team work much more efficiently and save time. Here are 7 essential tips for increasing your productivity using Zendesk.

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