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Modern Workplace Innovators: Meet Chris Gamble

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From adopting Chromebox for meetings to making IES paperless, Gamble has revolutionized the way employees work. We sat down with him to discuss his experience architecting a solution based on IES’s needs, as well as his meaningful career switch to IT.

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3 Tips to Streamline IT Project Management

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IT requires heavily specialized skills and knowledge, making IT project management feel like its own beast entirely. And because IT is the foundation of almost every organization, project management in the IT field can be exceptionally intimidating.

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Working with Users to Design Long-Term Solutions that Scale

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How do you architect the best solution for employees? We sat down with Brandon Williams, Director of Google Operations for the State of Colorado, to learn more about how he rethinks business processes to design long-term IT solutions in government. To hear about his experience and thought process, watch this video.

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Evaluating Third-Party Apps and Helping Employees Do Their Jobs Better

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How do you manage and evaluate the proliferation of third-party apps, especially if your organization has thousands of employees? Brandon Williams, Director of Google Operations for the State of Colorado, provided some innovative tips and insight. To hear how Williams did it for the State of Colorado, watch this video.

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Successful Strategies for Improving User Adoption of New Technologies

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More often than not, employees are resistant to change and training sessions are ineffective. Brandon Williams, Director of Google Operations for the State of Colorado, shared a few helpful (and surprising) strategies for improving user adoption of new technology. To hear how he was successful in improving user adoption (for 30,000 employees, no less), watch this video.

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Modern Workplace Innovators: Meet Brandon Williams

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For Brandon Williams, Director of Google Operations for the State of Colorado, working in government means that you can make truly meaningful change. In the latest installment of our Modern Workplace Innovators video series, watch the inspiring story of how Williams used Google Apps to redefine emergency communications, and how he also leveraged shadow IT to empower 30,000 employees.

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The People in the Cloud

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Let’s address the fear: the fear of change is real. A vast majority of our work revolves around a certain set of tasks and processes. When cloud technologies are brought in to replace existing systems, most employees become fearful of not being able to adapt.

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A HIPAA Compliance Checklist for the Cloud Era

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The only way to keep PHI secure is to build a secure system from day one, but that’s not exactly easy. After all, HIPAA is a complicated piece of legislation. This complete HIPAA compliance checklist from guest contributor and Virtru Founder and CTO Will Ackerly will get you started.

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Ransomware is on the Rise: Is Your SaaS Data Protected?

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Ransomware isn’t an empty threat–it’s real, and no organization is immune. As an IT professional, putting safeguards in place is essential to ensuring your data is protected. Are you prepared should the worst happen to you?

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