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Cloud IT Live

Seeking SaaS Management Success? These 11 Guiding Principles Will Get You There

In this recap, we share the video, slides, and transcript of our in-depth webinar, “The 10 Commandments of the SaaS-Powered Workplace.”

Scott Solomon
28 min read
Gavin Whatrup

Wise Words from a 20-Year IT Veteran on How to Work Better, Hire Better, and More

IT is anything but simple. It’s a complex profession where every answer seems to start with, “Well, it depends…” That’s why taking a people-focused approach to IT is essential, according to 20-year IT veteran and CIO advisor Gavin Whatrup.

Scott Solomon
6 min read

Cloud IT Live 2016: Watch ALL 10 Sessions from Our October Event

At our second-ever Cloud IT Live, we had 16 speakers talk about 10 IT topics for more than nine hours. It was an incredibly informative training event for any IT professional looking to advance their career.

Scott Solomon
< 1 min read
Cloud IT Live Recap

Cloud IT Live: Watch All 9 Sessions Today

Cloud IT Live is the definitive online event for IT professionals who are dissatisfied with the status quo. Watch all nine sessions today.

Scott Solomon
5 min read