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Product Tip Tuesday: Automate Offboarding for Office 365

ptt0419 offboarding ftr

Recently, we’ve expanded our offboarding capabilities to better serve organizations that use Office 365. For this week’s product tip, we’ll share a common template we’ve seen customers use to automate offboarding in Office 365.

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Product Tip Tuesday: Profile Cleanup

ptt0415 cleanprofile ftr

This week’s product tip covers one of our most popular on-demand workflows: profile cleanup. You can finally solve an age-old IT challenge: keeping user profile information consistent across applications.

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How Industry-Leading Brands Secure User Interactions in SaaS Apps

oktane2019panel recap ftr

This year at Oktane, we hosted a customer panel where we shone a light on a few of our phenomenal customers: Bird, Juul Labs, Peloton, and Spotify. They discussed how they use BetterCloud to save their organizations time and money (and their own sanity).

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Product Tip Tuesday: Beware of Too Many Super Admins

ptt0408 howmanyadmins ftr

This week’s product tip is one of our favorites—reducing unnecessary super admin privileges. Because super admins can access and manipulate every part of your organization’s SaaS applications, it’s important to keep the number of super admins in your environment to a minimum. BetterCloud gives you the tools to make this possible.

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Product Tip Tuesday: Automatically Pause Your Workflows When You Need with Wait for Duration

ptt0326 waitforduration og

This week we’ll show you a simple step you can add to your workflows that makes them more flexible and eliminates the need to remember manual steps later. Wait for Duration allows you to automatically pause a BetterCloud Workflow at specific times, and for a specific duration, before continuing on to subsequent actions. This action gives you the flexibility to build in natural breaks to your automation, whether that’s a few hours, days, weeks, or months.

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