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How IT will shape the future of workplaces


How do you help people stay effective while working under really unusual conditions? To answer this question and many more, our CEO David Politis and Dropbox CTO Bharat Mediratta sat down to discuss how IT will play a leading role in creating digital workplaces.

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IT Considerations for a Remote World: How Tech Companies View DLP & Vulnerabilities

DataLossPrevention featureImage

What should IT leaders in today’s remote work environment be thinking about when it comes to data protection, particularly with SaaS? We dug into the data to see how SaaS-savvy tech leaders view data loss vulnerabilities as well as what they do for data loss prevention (DLP).

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Data Protection and SaaSOps on Your Zero Trust Journey

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With the shift to remote work and continued acceleration of SaaS adoption, Zero Trust is more relevant than ever. Here, we talk about shared commonalities between the newer Zero Trust eXtended (ZTX) model and SaaSOps—specifically visibility and automated data protection.

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Leverage Best Practice SaaSOps Workflows with BetterCloud Templates

LeverageBestPracticeSaaSOpsWorkflows FeatureImage

Our new Workflow Templates don’t just tell you what best practice looks like. They actually walk you through the setup of pre-configured, multi-step, automated workflows in a wizard, making it easy to get up and running. Here are the most popular and impactful templates available today in BetterCloud.

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What 3 IT Leaders Learned from Their SaaSOps Journeys

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With the rapid rise of remote work and accelerated adoption of SaaS, what can we learn from IT leaders who’ve already been managing and securing SaaS for years? Three IT pros share their best tips and lessons learned during their SaaSOps journeys.

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